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GGT Novato-2

The newness.

My newest map is actually an old one that I made over a year ago for someone who didn’t understand his transit system. He had his driver’s license suspended and needed a way to get to school at College of Marin in Kentfield, to work in Petaluma, and to his friends in the East Bay. This map strips away all superfluous information to convey just how to get from one point to another, with a little bit extra to show where buses end up. Especially for San Francisco, this helps open the world of transit to someone who heretofore had never given it another thought.

PNG | PDFArticle

Over the life of this blog, I’ve posted a number of self-made maps. My first outings were, shall we say, mediocre, but still useful. As this blog continues to age I suspect there will be more to post, and as I improve individual maps they’ll replace the old ones here.

San Anselmo Hub Spider Map
PNG | PDF | Article

Highway 101 Strip Map
PNG | PDF | Article

Highway 101 Pocket Guide
PDF | Article

The Marin Interurban
PNG (Old Style) | PNG (New Style) | Article

The Marin Interurban – Modern and Expanded
PNG | PDF | Article

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