Post-Christmas Happy Hour

It’s time for another The Greater Marin Happy Hour!

Need a break from the holiday families? Want to talk transit with your fellow activists and advocates? I’ll be hosting a happy hour the weekend after Christmas, and you’ll finally get your chance.

Since our last few happy hours have been in San Rafael, and since Southern Marin doesn’t get much exposure, this time we’re meeting in beautiful, touristy Sausalito.

The details:

Wellington’s, 300 Turney Street, Sausalito. (Yes it’s called a “wine bar” but if you’re a beer person instead they have a wide selection of fine beers.)

6-9pm, Friday, December 27.

Access from The City is by Golden Gate Transit Routes 2, 10, and 92, as well as Golden Gate Ferry and Blue & Gold Fleet. Access from the rest of Marin is by GGT Routes 10 and 17.

I hope to see you next week!

About David Edmondson
A native Marinite working in Washington, DC, I am fascinated by how one might apply smart-growth and urbanist thinking to the low-density towns of my home.

8 Responses to Post-Christmas Happy Hour

  1. Stephen Nestel says:

    Great idea. Sounds like fun. Sorta like the Christmas 1914 truce on the battlefields of France:

  2. Howard Foster says:

    Sorry we will miss this activity, but we’ll be out of town. Hope you plan other events in the future. Happy Holidays from San Rafael

  3. kiki says:

    sorry to miss this, all those wonks talking transit at a party… 😉 but we’ll be out of town, in the northwest where public transportation is a good thing. happy holidays all.

  4. Valerie Taylor says:

    Your last few were in San Rafael?! Darn, I wish I’d known. Anyway, hope to make it to the next one.

  5. Stephen Nestel says:

    Great fun tonight David. Thanks for making it happen. Glad that Richard was able to convert so many people to our way of thinking. 🙂

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