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Endorsements are in! I don’t do endorsements myself, but that doesn’t stop me from linking to the endorsements of organizations and newspapers I respect. Greenbelt Alliance says Yes to Marin’s Measure A and Yes to Healdsburg’s Measure W. The North Bay Bohemian has its recommendations for state propositions, the Pacific Sun has its comprehensive endorsements for the entire ballot, and the IJ is working through its recommendations on the Editorial page.

Marin County and Beyond

  • SMART is under investigation for violating the terms of its environmental impact report and potentially disturbing endangered clapper rail and salt harvest mouse. The agency didn’t get the proper permits for its demolition work around Gallinas Creek and says its also investigating what happened. (IJ)
  • The Marin Housing Authority is being sued for questionable repair bills and fees housing advocates say were illegally used to balance the agency’s books and causing some tenants to be evicted. (IJ)
  • Marin Transit’s Catch-A-Ride program rolled out a couple of weeks ago, and the feedback is good so far. Catch-A-Ride gives registered seniors a $14 to $18 discount on up to eight cab rides per month. (News-Pointer)
  • Gerstle Park neighbors want a crosswalk removed because it’s supposedly dangerous despite there having never been an accident there. The crosswalk would continue to exist as an unmarked crosswalk anyway. (Patch)
  • It was a close call that saved Richardson Bay from becoming a kind of West Coast Coney Island and the site of a World’s Fair. Less close were dams in the Bay, a submarine base in Sausalito, and a canal from the Pacific to Richardson Bay along Tennessee Valley. (Marinscope)
  • Gas price spikes in California are thanks to a confluence of bad market factors that should begin easing soon. Marin’s car-centric lifestyle and character make it more vulnerable to such shocks than other counties. (IJ)
  • If you ride a bike in Marin, you may want to register it for free with the county sheriff’s office. (Patch)
  • And…: Napa’s Green Commute Challenge is going strong after six years. (Register) … SMART begins its move to a SMART-inaccessible office park. (PD) … Sometimes, transit systems have so much waste that, when restructured, they can become far, far better without a single dime more of operating costs. (Human Transit)

The Toll

Two men were killed and three people were injured.

  • Julio Villalobos was killed by a driver in San Rafael. Police are still trying to determine the circumstances of the incident, and charges have not yet been filed. After outcry over the safety of the intersection, San Rafael’s public works department is taking a fresh look at its safety. Villalobos was 84. (IJ)
  • Heath Kingsley Hunter injured two people and killed himself in Sonoma last Thursday. While on his motorcycle, Hunter rear ended and injured driver Fernando Castro. Hunter lost control of his motorcycle and drifted into oncoming freeway traffic where he collided head-on with driver Christine Luckin, seriously injuring her passenger and killing himself. Hunter was 43. (PD)
  • A driver hit a utility pole in San Anselmo, causing it to fall across Sir Francis Drake Boulevard and closing the road for 17 hours. The driver wasn’t injured. (IJ) … A man suffered diabetic shock and crashed his car in Glen Ellen on Monday. It’s unclear if he was injured in the crash. (PD) … A motorcyclist seriously injured a biker in Rohnert Park on Sunday. Police are looking for the motorcyclist, who did not stay on the scene. (PD)

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A native Marinite working in Washington, DC, I am fascinated by how one might apply smart-growth and urbanist thinking to the low-density towns of my home.

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